PSRA Security Officer Level I certification course provides foundational knowledge and skills for individuals interested in pursuing a career in the private security industry. This course is designed to equip students with the necessary understanding of security principles, procedures, and practices to perform their duties effectively and responsibly.

Upon completion, students will have a solid foundation in private security principles and be prepared to pursue entry-level positions in the private security industry or further their education in related fields. In addition, they will graduate with a Private Security Certification and issuance of a Guard Force Number.

The course typically covers a range of topics related to private security, including:

  • Introduction to the Security Industry,
  • Legal and Regulatory Framework of the Private Security Industry in Kenya,
  • Labor Laws, Security Risks,
  • Threats and Hazards,
  • Basic Security Procedures,
  • Security Equipment and Animals,
  • Kitting and Turnout,
  • Report Writing,
  • Effective Communication,
  • Terrorism and Counter terrorism,
  • Health and Safety,
  • Emergency Preparedness,
  • Ethics and Integrity,
  • Career Progression and Life Skills,
  • Public Relations and Customer Care,
  • Physical Fitness and Foot Drills.

  • TARGET GROUP – Anyone currently working in the Private Security Industry, or anyone thinking of working as a Security officer.
  • MODE OF STUDY: Physical Class, E-Learning,

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