In broad terms, the term security refers to the prevention of business losses, protection of assets, absence of incidences, and internal threat.

The programs include:-

  • Establish business and neighborhood crime watch networks (CWN).
  • Enhance real-time surveillance, accountability, and responsibility at all levels
  • Duty of Care; prevent accidents, workplace injuries and level of emergency preparedness, etc.
  • Cyber security, theft, and protection of key assets e.g. terrorism, data/information, counterfeit, fraud, compliance, brand image, etc.
  • Vulnerability assessment/criminality – neighboring environment, sabotage, arson, and crime trends, the proliferation of small arms, etc.
  • Violent crime and sexual harassment
  • Antisocial behavior i.e. theft, drug abuse, fraud, forgery, etc.
  • Extreme radicalization of vulnerable groups i.e. internal threat).