IPSS spearheads the public-private partnership in support of the government’s effort to counter terrorism, corruption, drug abuse in workplace, insecurity and the various business crimes, e.g. fraud, counterfeits, employee theft etc.

  • IPSS professional security development programs ensure that security professionals get immediate recognition they deserve and also get certification for their knowledge in security management.
  • IPSS is committed to advancing the security profession.
  • IPSS aims to keep you on top of your career and security professionalism and provides you with a platform to demonstrate your capability and serve the community.
  • IPSS is committed to finding solutions to the emerging security issues facing the region today and in the future through a continuance Research and Development Program.
  • IPSS provides a forum of unlimited opportunities to exchange information, experiences and ideas with top professionals and colleagues.
  • IPSS Executive Selection Division (ESD) provides a great forum to network and also position you for career placement and advancement.

Consider the sectorial segmentation in the following layout

  • security sector
  • Hospitality sector
  • Sports
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Schools and churches