• The Institute of Professional Security Studies (IPSS) is an independent provider of professional specialized security training, offering a local and international curriculum that is tailor-made to the needs of the private security industry in the Region.
  • Established in 2004, the institute is committed to developing and promoting the practice of security as a professional career through the provision of harmonized and unified security management training, as well as a structured professional career development program.
  • This aimed to offer security practitioners relevant skills and knowledge and competencies that will enable them to become proficient in enterprise security, crime, and risk management services.
  • Collaborate with all the other institutions and associations dealing with issues that affect community security, safety, and improvement of quality of life.
  • Compliment government efforts in its economic recovery strategy.
  • Establish a center for security excellence committed to professionalizing the security practice in the commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Respond to the need for competent and well-trained security practitioners who can effectively manage complex corporate security risk management programs. Improve the public perception knowledge and understanding of security and crime prevention

Our Vision

To be the center of excellence in Professional Security Training, in its Development, Standards and Performance.

Mission Statement

To promote ethical security training programs in addition to the qualitative practice in the private security industry through partnership with both public and private sector along with other international stake-holders.