In recent years, security management has steadily expanded with the increase of security firms. From the awareness of the rising rate of insecurity within organizations and the country in general, hence has managed to claim its importance.Security as profession thus continues to diversify, increase in its complexity, specialization and responsibility.

Consequently, more than ever before, there is tremendous pressure to develop standards, code of ethics and initiate positive change towards professionalizing the security practice especially in the private sector.

The key to developing a professional career is to have an organized forum to share ideas and experiences and develop a structured career path. Such opportunities can be expressed perfectly through an institution that is properly structured and that incorporates all security practitioners at all levels.

Security professionals acknowledge the need for formal academic qualifications, certification and a structured career development program in order to meet the demanding challenges brought about by insecurity. Such appreciation of the quality of the security profession will ultimately depend upon the willingness of practitioners to observe standards, code of ethics, honesty and integrity in discharging our professional responsibilities.

IPSS is therefore keen on:

  • Professionalizing the security practice by developing standards, ethics and competence in the discharge of responsibilities.
  • Improving the quality of professional security education.
  • Developing partnership towards improved security performance
  • Developing comprehensive range of security educational programs to meet the challenges of the future
  • Developing intervention initiatives in the community crime prevention programs