Today, more than ever before, our business operations, assets, key staff and individuals are highly vulnerable to security, safety and lifestyle related threats and risks i.e. both from internal and external factors. UWLP is a comprehensive program aimed at cultivating wellness, security and safety culture in our organizations; across all sectors i.e. hospitality, manufacturing, banking, Churches, transportation, medical, Aviation, Oil & Gas, NGO’s etc to meet the challenges of a dynamic security environment.

It is a shared vision to promote and undertake a comprehensive Security leadership program and on-site vulnerability assessment, especially at this critical period when we are all preparing for the transitional National elections of 9th August 2022.

A Duty of Care program demonstrates the employer’s commitment to its moral and legal obligation for the health, safety and security of their employees and the need to review our level of emergency preparedness, personnel security managing inherent business risks/threats, crisis management and building contingency plans i.e. uplift the level of security posture at all levels.

UWLP is anchored on the fact that we ALL recognize the need, desire and benefits to develop Workplaces that are safe, secure and that promote high impact teams & wellness as part of a productive and sustainable workforce. This
is clearly spelt out and supported by the UN sustainable development Goals (SDG’s 3 and 11, WHO and ILO.

We need to be aware the impact of just one poorly-managed emergency situation has to our business, in terms of work place injuries, loss of life, business disruption, damage to brand/reputation, compliance and possible legal
litigations. The cost to say the least far exceeds the benefits of a well structures UWLP – “I am because you are”.

We will partner, develop and structure your in house client specific UBUNTU WELLNESS program.

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