This course provides students with strategies of how to develop, implement and maintain a crime and loss prevention program. It includes the history of crime prevention, internal security programs, public speaking, media relations, crimes against the elderly, sexual assault programs, youth crime prevention and telemarketing fraud and scams.

It also focuses on Physical Security, Security Surveys/Audits, Service Level Agreements, Operation Life Cycles (Plan-Do-Check-Act, Propose, direct, monitor), Risk Management – Threats and Breaches, Asset Protection, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), Communications and Operations Management, Security Incidents and Event Management and Business Continuity and Management

  • TARGET GROUP: This is an excellent professional development course for security practitioners both in public and private sector and for individuals seeking to work in security companies as operations managers.
  • COURSE DURATION: 2 weeks
  • MODE OF STUDY: Physical Class, E-Learning

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