This course defines Enterprise Security Management (ESM). It discusses how crucial it now is, for stakeholders to understand the importance of balancing the security management landscape with enterprise operation. In addition, the course also sheds light on the motivation by enterprises to implement ESM to minimize costs and optimize resources.

Enterprises face a great challenge when it comes to security risks as cybercriminals adopt new techniques to target devices, corporate networks, backend servers, and more. Thus, it is evident that organizations need to place more focus on ESM (enterprise security management) to create a security management framework so that they can create and sustain security for their critical infrastructure.

Enterprise security management is a holistic approach to integrating guidelines, policies, and proactive measures for various threats. ESM course is about all possible risks that may affect the core business of an organization. It includes failed software processes, inadvertent or deliberate mistakes committed by staff members, internal security threats, and external security threats.

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