As we all prepare to implement our respective 2024 business strategies, IPSS wishes to invite your organization, as a key stakeholder in the security Industry, to join us in an internationally bench marked security professional education training, certification & leadership development. (Please call us for client specific sessions).

Locally, the program is aligned with Private security Regulatory No. 13 of 2016, Occupational & safety Act 2007, KNQA, NITA and KEBS ISO 18788.

The program targets security practitioners, contracted security providers and end users i.e. CSO’s, NGO’s and CISO’s, NYS, Ex-KDF etc. In all sectors – Schools, Universities, Churches/house of worship,  Hospitality, Health care, Energy/Oil & Gas, Supply chain, manufacturing, Aviation, maritime, telecommunication, Banking etc.

The main objective of the SPED program is to ensure we enhance our operational capability, Risk resilience, set security standards, operational excellence, best practices and legal compliance on the Duty of care and existing Government regulations/Laws of Kenya

We note that Security is an integral part of National Development and key to achieving the desired 24hour economy.  We have an elaborate community security program in collaboration with KARA under our International Coffee with a Cop program in partnership with the National Police Service and NACADA – National agency against drug abuse and crime.

We underline the fact that effective management of business-related security risks is key to the success of any Business, while effective training is the invaluable investment in protecting staff, corporate assets, risk management and loss prevention.

The SPED program has the following objectives: –

  • To support the professionalization of the existing workforce
  • Making security education, training and certification programs readily available and affordable.
  • Minimize business security risks through security readiness/resilience.
  • Leverage access to security technology to enhance operational capability.
  • Support security professionals to have access to security knowledge and resources through our open learning platforms, networks and exchange programs.
  • Ensure we develop a high performing professional security workforce capable of countering the existing 21st century business security risks and especially the security of the critical infrastructure.
  • Provide a harmonized approach and understanding of CPTED.
  • Ensure common understanding on the convergence of general security and IT.
  • Rollout a comprehensive community security program aimed at establishing safe and secure communities under the SECURE KENYA 2030 copyrighted strategy
  • This is to ensure full alignment with Kenya’s Vision 2030; to establish a safe and secure country.

 NB: The aim of the program is the provision of affordable, efficient and effective security services & solutions. 

Under the program we are unveiling the following professional development programs: –

  • Specialized Field security Training – this entails the elite guards training, counter terrorism, active shooter, executive protection (VIP bodyguards, bouncers, security drivers etc), door supervisors and first responders teams to support our emergency preparedness.
  • Corporate Security programs: – Provides risk-based approach for safe, secure and reliable approach to security & safety risk management through a comprehensive TVA – Threat & vulnerability assessment.
  • UBUNTU – Duty of Care leadership program. Today more than ever before, business operations, assets, information and staff are highly vulnerable to security related threats and risks i.e. both internal and external.
  • Safety & Security at Workplace: The secure schools, Universities, Hotels, Hospitals, Banks and businesses and businesses is our special area of interest.
  • Training of Trainers – this is a certification of course in conjunction with PTAK – professional trainers association of Kenya.
  • CCTV control room operators’ certification course.
  • Certified security professional program

 We welcome you to be part of the SECURE KENYA copyrighted strategy.  Your professional security and staff program demonstrates your commitment to security development and professionalization of the industry. Major benefits & savings available.


We partner for a SAFE & SECURE KENYA. – “we do it better together”


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