The private security industry is the fastest-growing sector, currently employing over 500,000 people in Kenya – locally and overseas. In this regard, IPSS in partnership with YMCA Kenya; in recognition of their shared vision, have embarked on a structured Youth empowerment program in the private security industry.

We are fully aware that on 9th December 2015, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2250 – its first-ever resolution on Youth, Peace, and Security – thereby recognizing the importance of the positive contributions which young people can make in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security.

It urges the international community to “invest in the capacities, agency, and leadership of young people”. It has thus become clear that education, training, and capacity building of both youth and their counterparts at local, national, and regional levels are essential to translate the resolutions on Youth, Peace, and Security from the halls of the United Nations to policymakers, actors, and change-agents at the ground level.

The program is a change model designed to provide the space and opportunity to develop knowledge, values, skills, and competencies in the Security profession. The Youth in security program will start the youth in a professionally structured career path in the private security industry.

The program will help them discover their potential, develop their talents and self-esteem. This will not only provide them the opportunity for employment but build their belief and hope for the future. It ensures that the Youth are part of the desired change, impact, and transformation in society.

It aims at training life skills and offering the essential tools for self-development, enhance their faith, values and beliefs. The program is deliberately aligned with Kenya’s vision 2030 and desire to develop a safe and secure country.

An integral part of our SECURE 254 – committed to establishing secure businesses and communities. Learn more…….. We are therefore formally inviting you to be part of the vision. Please confirm your desire to participate in the program and be recognized as a partner in this transformative program. Be part of the SECURE 254 security forums. Karibu!!!!!